Original Texts

19480032As a cantor, I value music as a form of communication, but I am also excited by the use of words to shape and share thoughts, and I’m privileged to have the opportunity to share d’varim (sermons) with my communities.

I don’t write poetry or fiction often, but I value writing as a medium for expression. Writing for me is a place to be painstakingly honest with myself and to create something of beauty. My father, Martin Broekhuysen (1941-2008), was a poet and musician (as well as a technical writer) and I connect with him when I put pen to paper. I’ve been blessed during my time at Hebrew College to work with Merle Feld on writing as a mode of spiritual exploration.

I also write prose, including midrash (expansion on texts found in Torah, prophetic writings, and other books of Tanakh). Two midrashim that I have written can be found here.



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