Jewish Folksong and Art Song

Banu choshech l’gareish, traditional Chanukah folksong, harmonized by V. Broekhuysen (recorded November 2019).

Viglid, music by Lazar Weiner, lyrics by Peretz Markish (recorded Dec. 2015). Osnat Netzer, piano.

Laila, Laila, music by Mordecai Ze’ira, lyrics by Natan Alterman (recorded Dec. 2015).

Dona, Dona, Sholom Secunda (recorded 2010)

Little Moses, the Carter Family (recorded 2013)

Landariko, traditional Ladino lullaby, arr. by Vera Broekhuysen after Hadass Pal-Yarden’s recording on her 2003 album Yahudije (recorded 2007)