World Folksong

I’ve been waiting, John Krumm, as taught by Alan Gasser (recorded 2020)

Pretty Saro, trad. Appalachian, learned from Cordelia Machanoff, arranged V. Broekhuysen (recorded 2020)

Vineyard, trad. Appalachian, learned from Village Harmony, arranged V. Broekhuysen (recorded 2020)

Wednesdays, by Chandler Yorkhall (lyrics from German Baptist Hymn Book), published in Northern Harmony (2013), p. 264 (recorded 2020)

Bright Shining Morning, from Popular Songs of Sussex, collected by Revd. John Broadwood and Lucy Broadwood, arranged by Birch-Reynardson (recorded 2010)

Woi Khiadul, traditional Georgian folksong (recorded by Akhalkhmebi in 2007)

Isabeau, traditional Acadien folksong (recorded by Akhalkhmebi in 2007)

Shto Si Goro, traditional Bulgarian folksong (recorded by Akhalkhmebi in 2007)